Paula, Ecuador

Sponsorship is a big problem for us. Having a detailed search tool for companies willing to do sponsorships is extremely useful.

Antoni, Netherlands

Every time I found a job that matched my career goals, I learned I had to be a citizen to apply. With Konkeros I have a clear overview of the businesses that are willing to hire me.

Lucas, Brazil

Words cannot describe the importance and helpfulness Konkeros played in my transition from a college student to officially being part of the United States workforce. It answered every question I previously had about the immigration process and directed my efforts towards more probable results. I am now happily employed in the USA and all thanks to Konkeros.

Guillermo, Venezuela

This tool is a must have for any international student intending to work in the United States. I had strong misconceptions about the kinds of companies that hire foreigners, but thanks to Konkeros now I have a clearer perspective where to focus my time and energy... and of course, the companies I should avoid.